How Routes Affect Your Vehicle Shipping Quotes

How Route Differences Affect Your Vehicle Shipping Quotes

There are so many available vehicle shipping routes for auto transporters that it’s almost ridiculous. There are over 46,000 miles of just interstate highways in the United States – that doesn’t include state highways, U.S. highways (like U.S. 101), and local-access streets. As such, there are a lot of routes across the U.S., and vehicle shipping quotes vary depending on them. A shipment from, say, Los Angeles to New York City has dozens of available routes, all of which may have slightly different prices along with them. But one of the most important things to understand is the difference in vehicle shipping quotes between rural and urban routes.

Rural vs. Urban Vehicle Shipping Quotes and Services

Rural vehicle shipping quotes, straight up, tend to be more expensive than urban quotes. This is for a number of reasons. To start, rural areas have fewer people, which means fewer potential customers. As such, rural routes are less popular among carriers because they end up driving long distances between paychecks. This of course is problematic – would you rather get paid three different times a day, or once a day, knowing the checks are still roughly the same amount? This is the main logic that carriers use to justify raising prices on rural routes. If they can’t make as much on Route A as they can on Route B, they’ll almost always go with Route B.

This is why urban vehicle shipping quotes tend to be lower. But you also have the concept of coloading, which is loading more than one vehicle at a single stop. This is a lot easier to do when shipping from and to urban areas. Bigger cities and their bedroom communities have lots of potential customers, and because of this carriers can offer lower prices for each customer while still making a profit on the route. They can’t do this as easily with rural routes, which see only a few scant pickups and deliveries. Make sure to talk to an agent about your vehicle shipping quotes and ways to keep them lower.

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