Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Enclosed Auto Transport ServicesWe’ve discussed enclosed auto transport services before on this blog, like right here for instance. It’s something that’s important to understand and learn and know before you decide on automobile transportation services. Most vehicles shipped today are done so via open transport trucks, which are cheaper and easier to find. But open carriers leave the vehicles they ship exposed to the elements, which is problematic for vehicles that can’t handle being outside for long. Most of those vehicles are rare and expensive, so they need extra protection. This is where enclosed auto transport services come in.

Are enclosed auto transport services popular?

Well they’re popular for those that need their services, that’s for sure. But most customers are shipping vehicles that can handle open transportation and the rigors that come with it. When you ship via an open carrier you expose your vehicle to the same basic conditions you do when you drive it. Of course, you won’t put the wear and tear on the car that you do when you drive it if you ship it, but still, snow and ice and hail can all rain down on it while it’s on an open carrier. Vehicles that can’t afford to have that weather hitting them are better off enclosed. So if your vehicle is one that stays in the garage more than on the road, enclosed auto transport services may be useful.

But perhaps the most important aspect about enclosed shipping is its price. Let’s face it – most people are concerned about the costs that come with shipping a car. Enclosed transportation is not a standard method of shipping, which results in higher prices for their services. You need to keep this in mind and make sure you don’t get open quotes when you think they’re enclosed. You and your representative need to be on the same page in terms of services so everyone understands what needs to happen. If your shipper books an open carrier for you and you want enclosed, and you didn’t make your wishes known, that’s on you. This is a problem especially if the carrier arrives and it’s the wrong kind.

Do shipping companies give quotes for flatbed automobile shipping services?

Most auto shipping companies today give out quotes for open auto transport services along door to door routes. This is the standard method and as such their standard quotes are for the standard method. As such, enclosed auto transport quotes often have to be requested. Many times you can do this through the quote form you fill out (as you can with ours). You can also call and speak to a representative about enclosed shipping as well. Agents that can give quotes over the phone can quote a variety of different services including enclosed auto shipping. This will yield more accurate quotes overall and will lead to a better shipping experience for you. While we cannot give quotes over the phone, you can call us any time at 800-384-1253. Our agents can answer questions and get you on the right track for your shipment.

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