What to Know About Shipping a Limousine

Shipping a LimousineShipping a limousine today is not nearly as complicated as some people make it out to be. Sure, they’re long, and some of them are really long. But ultimately, there’s a carrier out there that can handle it – the question is finding one. Also, you should understand some of the difficulties that do come with shipping a limousine. As we mentioned, they’re quite long. This can be problematic as carriers only have so much room on their trucks. As such, a limousine will often take up more than one space on the trailer – a space that could also be taken by another customer paying a full rate. This makes shipping a limousine more expensive. But that’s just one reason – let’s look at some more.

Some things about shipping a limousine

So as we mentioned, they’re long – that’s not a surprise, nor new information. But something you may not know is that all that added interior space comes with extra seats and a minibar and more. And that stuff is heavy. So in addition to possibly taking up more than one space on a truck, carriers also have to factor the added weight into the equation. Overweight vehicles cost more to ship because it costs the carrier other loads. They have a maximum weight they can’t surpass; if they do, they have to shed the weight at a weight station. This can be problematic if that extra weight is a vehicle they’re contracted to ship. Couple this with the fact that they’re already taking up more than one spot on the truck, and you have a recipe for a really expensive shipment.

This is why longer limousines tend to be shipped by flatbed haulers. A simple limousine – one that you rent for prom, say – isn’t one that is stretched all that much. Those can typically fit on a single spot on an open car hauler. But for stretch limousines and SUV limousines (like Hummer limos), flatbed transportation is usually what’s used. Flatbeds ship unusual freight by design, and are meant for longer, heavier loads. Stretch limousines fit into this well. And since flatbed shipping is a specialty service, it will be more expensive than the standard open method.

Can I get quotes for shipping a limousine?

If you are interested in shipping a limousine, have no fear. Many companies ship them, though they may not be able to be shipped on an open carrier. An open carrier is the standard method of shipping a car, but a limousine may not fit. As such, quotes will have to be customized, which is best handled over the phone by a professional. While we cannot give quotes over the phone, you can call us any time at 800-384-1253. Our agents can answer questions and get you on the right track for your shipment. You can also fill out our free form to get quotes emailed to you. You will want to mark your vehicle as “other” in the make section, then speak to their agents about what you’re shipping. Either way is a good way to get quotes for shipping a limousine, though.

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