Why Mercury Auto Transport?

First formed in 2008 in Davie, Florida, Mercury Auto Transport has spent the last 12 years building itself into a giant in the car transport industry. With a focus on customer service and honest business practices, Mercury Auto Transport has cultivated a reputation as a reputable, reliable, and trustworthy car shipper. 

In this industry, it’s hard to keep the doors open if you don’t know how to do it. And there are many, many examples of car transporters that have open and closed because of…well, a number of different factors. Inexperience and incompetence usually go hand in hand. Poor business savvy is another reason. There’s a lot, and there are a lot of failed shippers that have come and gone.

Mercury, however, has combined experience, competence, and good business acumen to weather the many pitfalls and turbulence that comes with being a part of this rather demanding industry. They’ve climbed the mountain on the back of those positive traits as well as a dedication to their customers. Placing customers above all else is often the key to success, but is not the only one.

Also, Mercury has become one of the largest and most trustworthy car shippers as a result of that. 


How Mercury Auto Transport Compares 

Pricing: 4 out of 5 (above average)

Age: 12 years

Vehicles shipped last year: 15,000


How Much Does Mercury Auto Transport Cost?

Average Mercury Auto Transport Pricing

Florida to California: $1050

California to Florida: $1025

New York to Florida: $750

Texas to California: $1000

Florida to New York: $750


Need even lower prices? 

Mercury Auto Transport offers the following discounts:

  • Military members and veterans
  • Students
  • Senior citizens
  • Fleets, dealerships, other businesses
  • Return customers


Mercury Auto Transport at a Glance

Company Snapshot

MC#: 647319

DOT#: 2242305

Company type: Broker

Bonded?: Yes

Insured?: Yes

Years in operation: 12


Why We Recommend Mercury Auto Transport

They’re over 12 years old

One of the tell-tale signs of a reliable car shipper is their age. As we mentioned earlier in our review of Mercury, there are a lot of car shipping companies that are no longer around for one reason or another. Being able to weather storms and provide consistent, reliable customer service is one of the main reasons Mercury Auto Transport is still around.

This kind of reliability is hard to deny. With age comes reputation and wisdom, both through experience. Mercury Auto Transport has seen it all and they know how to handle any issues that arise before they become issues. This is also reflected in their many, many positive customer reviews, which we’ll discuss more a bit later.

They lay it all out upfront

As we mentioned, Mercury Auto Transport provides consistent and reliable customer service. One of the ways they do this is by being upfront about everything that goes on. If you look at their website, they lay out the entire process of shipping a car right out there for everyone to see.

More than that, though, they take the time to make sure the carriers they use pass stringent background checks, and you can read about it right there. An informative website can go a long way in giving a customer some peace of mind, after all. Just knowing that there isn’t any hidden fine print or anything makes Mercury Auto Transport one of the best around.


Customers rave about them

Ultimately, though, it’s up to you who you choose. And if you don’t want to take our word for it, why not take the words of their own customers? 

Mercury Auto Transport maintains stellar customer review ratings across multiple platforms, including Google, Transport Reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and even Facebook! A social media presence is always a plus for any company, and being a top-rated shipper on Facebook is surprisingly relevant in this day and age.

We do prefer Google and Transport Reviews, as they’re more stringent in their review vetting process. However, the fact that four major review platforms all rate Mercury Auto Transport as a top shipper is hard to ignore. 


Can You Trust Mercury Auto Transport?

Yes. From the moment you speak to a representative, you know that they care. They inform you of how it works with openness and integrity, leaving you in control of your shipment. With 12 years of experience shipping cars, they’ve seen it all. That experience can take a company to new heights, and it’s done so with Mercury Auto Transport. We highly recommend them.