Metropolitan Chicago Car Transport

Metropolitan Chicago Car Transport

Are you on the hunt for metropolitan Chicago car transport services? If so, don’t fret – the Chicago metro area is one of the most popular locations in the U.S. to ship a car to and from. This means that there are likely going to be carriers both going to and coming out of the area. It’s not surprising; metro Chicago is home to over 9.7 million residents, and at least a few of them are going to want to ship their car. But perhaps more importantly are all the bedroom cities that actually make up the Chicago metro area. Many of them see at least a little bit of car transport traffic throughout the year. As a result, prices into and out of the Chicago area tend to be lower and services tend to be easier to find.

About Metropolitan Chicago Car Transport Services

Honestly, it’ll likely be easier to get a car to Chicago in the spring and summer, and easier to get out of Chicago in the fall and winter. There’s a simple explanation for this, too: demand. In the spring and summer the industry is at its busiest and more routes see more traffic. This means that more cities see more traffic and routes are cheaper and easier to ship along. In the winter, though, demand shifts from cross-country routes to north-south routes due to snowbirds. Out of Chicago, snowbirds often go to Arizona, so routes south out of Chicago tend to be cheaper. Not only that, but carriers want to return north as quickly as possible to pick up more loads. So routes from the south into Chicago tend to be cheaper in the winter. However, most all the rest of those routes tend to be more expensive.

Getting Quotes for Metropolitan Chicago Car Transport

Shipping a vehicle to or from the Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area won’t be hard. Get started on shipping your vehicle by filling out our free quote request form. First, it’s free and easy, and gets you quotes from some of the best shippers in the industry. Secondly, we know they’re among the best because we make sure of it. Each and every company is cleared by us for dependability and reliability, which means they’re top-rated. They’re also fully licensed and bonded, and work only with licensed, insured, top-rated carriers. If you have questions, need help getting your quotes, or just prefer talking to someone over the phone, you can do that too. Just call us any time at 800-384-1253 to connect to one of our agents immediately.

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