How Motorhome Shipping Services Work

Motorhome Shipping ServicesThere are lots of different vehicles on the road today, and chances are every one of them was shipped at one point. This includes things such as motorhomes and travel trailers. Vehicles are often shipped directly from the factory to the dealership. While most standard cars and trucks can fit on a standard open carrier, motorhomes are a bit different. They’re too big, too wide and too tall to fit on a standard trailer. This means that something else is needed. Typically, that something else is flatbed automobile shipping.

Are motorhome shipping services hard to find?

Motorhome shipping services should not be hard to find, but it does depend on a few different factors. As we mentioned, most motorhomes have to be shipped via a flatbed hauler. It’s not surprising; a standard carrier just can’t fit something that large. Now, this can be problematic if you’re the one shipping a motorhome, but it’s okay. The best way to make sure you get accurate quotes is to explain over the phone what exactly you are shipping. With a motorhome, you need to have the length, width, height and approximate weight in addition to the year, make and model of it. This is so your agent can give you an accurate quote over the phone – motorhomes aren’t seen all that often, though it’s not like they’re never shipped.

When you ship a motorhome, expect to pay a lot more on a route over the cost of a standard car. This is because of the vehicle’s size as well as the method of transportation needed. Flatbed hauling isn’t something you request – it’s used on an as-needed basis. Not only that but flatbed haulers only haul unique freight, so they see a lot less loads. These factors both increase the price they have to charge to complete a load, but they’re necessary for vehicles that are just too big for normal shipping operations to handle. Again, you should really speak to an agent over the phone about shipping your motorhome, as that’s the best way to get accurate quotes.

Can I get quotes for motorhome shipping services?

If you are interested in motorhome shipping services, we can help. Most every car shipper will be able to transport them. And while an open carrier is the standard method of shipping a vehicle, many motorhomes will not fit. As such, quotes for vehicles of that size will have to be customized, which is best handled over the phone. While we cannot give quotes over the phone, you can call us any time at 800-384-1253. Our agents can answer questions and get you on the right track for your shipment. You can also fill out our free form to get quotes emailed to you. You will want to mark your vehicle as “other” in the make section, then speak to their agents about what you’re shipping. Either way is a good way to get quotes for shipping a motorhome, though.

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