On Shipping a Minivan

On Shipping a MinivanSo, you’re looking at shipping a minivan, huh? In the context of auto transport services, it shouldn’t be an issue – there are plenty of vehicles on the road that are harder to ship. But shipping a minivan isn’t the same as shipping a standard car, be it a coupe, sedan, roadster, or other. It’s quite a bit different, mostly because of size. Size is important for your auto shipping prices and services. For one, size determines the kind of car transport carrier you will need. Most minivans only need an open auto shipper, as they’re not quite as big as a cargo van. But their size is also important in terms of pricing, which we’ll explain below.

Is shipping a minivan hard or expensive?

So, transporting a minivan shouldn’t be hard. Like we mentioned, their size is important, and will affect your price, but it won’t affect the kind of auto transport carrier available to you. Open auto shipping trucks handle the majority of minivans on the road, and open auto transport is by far the most common method of shipping a minivan – or any vehicle, really. They are all over the road and the go-to for most auto transport brokers. As such, finding a carrier isn’t the issue.

It’s the size of the minivan that is. See, when it comes to moving a minivan, you have to understand that they’re heavier, longer and taller than a standard car. So this affects how carriers load and unload their trucks as well as what other freight they take. A carrier that takes on shipping a minivan may only be able to haul nine cars until it’s off the truck, depending on the other loads. This has a lot to do with weight restrictions, and those can be a real problem when shipping a minivan. As such,make sure to check your auto transport quotes thoroughly and find the right shipper for your needs.

About getting quotes for shipping a minivan

If shipping a minivan is something you’re interested, we recommend you contact us at 800-384-1253. We have agents standing by who can answer questions and help you get your quotes. You can also fill out our free form and submit it to get quotes emailed to you within minutes. More than that, though, they can answer questions and give you information about your shipment. Regardless of whether you call, though, let us help you get your quotes. Shipping a minivan shouldn’t be an issue, but you should still understand how it works.

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