Open Auto Shipping Services


Open auto shipping services are the standard services available for most customers such as yourself. They are by far the cheapest, fastest and most cost-effective of any of the other services available. Open shipping, simply put, leaves your vehicles open to the elements while it is being transported. This is in contrast to enclosed transportation services, which enclose your vehicle in a protective trailer. The way the open transport truck is constructed allows up to ten vehicles to be shipped at a single time. This is widely regarded to be the main reason it is so cheap to ship a car via an open carrier. Enclosed haulers can usually only take 2-4 at a time and flatbeds even less. Being able to stack loads allows carriers to make more money in less time, which results in lower prices for you.

Can anyone use open auto shipping services?

On the whole, yes, anyone can use open auto shipping services, so long as their vehicle will fit. Open transportation trucks haul standard cars, trucks, SUV’s, minivans and any other type of smaller vehicle you see on the road. Oversize vehicles require a flatbed hauler, while expensive or rare vehicles are often referred to enclosed shippers. But the rest is usually taken care of by an open transport truck.

What’s really great about open transportation is that the trucks themselves are cheap to maintain and keep fueled. Or so they are in comparison to other auto shipping trucks, anyway. But open shipping is also the standard, so it’s quite competitive among more popular routes. This is most easily seen to and from big cities, which are often cheaper than smaller, harder to access areas of the country. Lower prices means more competitive prices, and that means more loads on the truck. If an open carrier can keep their truck full most of the time, they keep their pockets full and they get to each customer more quickly. This is always good for you.

Can I get quotes for open auto shipping services?

Most every quote you get nowadays will be for open shipping services, so getting quotes for it shouldn’t be difficult at all. The best way to get them, though, is to fill out our free quote request form and submit it. If you do this you’ll get multiple free quotes emailed to you within minutes. Those quotes are from companies that we make sure are licensed and bonded and only work with top-rated, insured carriers. This way, you know you’ll be in good hands from start to finish. You can also contact one of our agents any time by dialing 800-384-1253. They can answer questions, give advice and take your information to get you your free quotes right over the phone.

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