How Pickup Truck Auto Transport Services are Calculated

Pickup Truck Auto TransportPickup truck auto transport services are as easy to find as services for any other vehicle. This is great because it makes them a lot easier to ship. However, if you own a pickup truck you know how different from a car they can be. Some of them are rather small, like the older Ford Ranger models. But some of them are pretty big, like the Heavy Duty Chevy Silverado 3500 Duly. One of the most important parts of shipping a pickup truck is simply knowing what kind of truck it is. That’s half the battle right there. But there’s still more to know, which is why we’re making this post today.

What to know about pickup truck auto transport

When you’re shipping a pickup truck the most important thing is to know what it is. If you need pickup truck auto transport services for something like a Ford Ranger, chances are it’ll fit on a standard carrier. But if you’re shipping that 3500 Duly from the previous paragraph, well, chances are your agent will need the dimensions. Dimensions are important – the length, width, height and even weight of your pickup truck can alter your price. Heavier, larger vehicles cost more because they cost the carrier more to actually move it. To offset the additional cost of moving a bigger pickup truck, they typically have to charge you more.

You need to make sure to tell your agent right away if your pickup truck has been modified, too. A lot of people like to put lift kits on pickup trucks – it’s not uncommon and many auto transporters have helped people ship lifted pickups. But just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they’re easy to transport. If your pickup truck has a lift kit, you need to tell your agent right away. They have to include it in the quote that they give you, as it will affect your price. You should have the height of the lift documented – whether it’s a four inch lift, or a six inch, etc. In this case, pictures also help a lot, if you are able to send them to your agent. The goal in all this is accuracy – accurate quotes and accurate services. And the more information about your pickup truck you can give, the better your agent can help you.

Can I get pickup truck auto transport quotes?

You most certainly can. The best part about getting pickup truck auto transport quotes is the fact that most everyone can get them. Keep in mind though that some pickup trucks may need a flatbed hauler if they are too large. This is why it’s important to have the dimensions of your pickup truck if it is anything other than the standard size. If you’re interested in terminal shipping you can fill out our free form but we recommend you contact us at 800-384-1253. We have agents standing by who can answer questions and help you get your quotes. You can also fill out our free form and submit it to get quotes emailed to you within minutes. More than that, though, they can help you get free terminal to terminal auto shipping quotes any time.

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