The Role of an Auto Shipping Representative

The Role of an Auto Shipping Representative

Auto Shipping RepresentatieMost every vehicle that is shipped today is done so via an auto transport broker. These are helpful for both customers and carriers and are a vital part of the industry today. And every broker has an auto shipping representative or five (or ten) that help their customers. An auto shipping representative is responsible for a number of things and often acts as your go-to contact. Whether you’re trying to book an order, get a status update, complain, or something else, a representative is usually who you speak to first.

The role of your auto shipping representative

So, the role of an auto shipping representative is simple: they’re the go-to, the one that has answers (or should, anyway) and the one that makes sure everything is hunky-dory. Let’s start from the customer perspective, though. You book your auto transport services through an auto shipping representative. You give them all your information and it’s up to them to find a car shipping carrier for you. They’re typically the ones that you give credit card information to for payment and they’re the ones that you pose any questions to.

For a car transport carrier, the auto shipping representative is their main source of information. It’s from them that they get what you’re shipping, from where and to where, and it’s with a representative that they discuss prices and services. An auto shipping representative is also their main point of contact for new information and updates. Your representative is then supposed to relay that information to you. The reason why both you and the carrier rely on them is that carriers don’t have time to call every customer they’re shipping cars for. This would eat into their day drastically and they’d never actually move any cars! So they rely on an auto shipping representative to handle all that nitty-gritty.

Can I get quotes to ship a car?

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