Standby Auto Shipping Services

Standby Auto Shipping ServicesSomething a lot of people don’t understand about auto transport is the fact that it’s a time-consuming process. It usually takes at least a week to get a vehicle picked up, if you’re counting from the initial process of getting quotes until final delivery. Much of that time is spent waiting, sadly. Waiting for your agent to find a carrier, waiting for the carrier to pick the car up, waiting even longer for him to deliver it. All that waiting can throw some major wrenches into people’s schedules, which is why standby auto shipping exists. It’s not all that common, and most shippers today actively argue against standby for several reasons. As a result, we’re going to discuss a few of those in this post today.

What is standby auto shipping?

Standby auto shipping is when you pay a lower price than the going rate to ship your car knowing that it may take longer than average to get it picked up. On average, the wait between when your shipment is dispatched to a carrier and when he picks it up is three to seven days. With standby shipping, though that wait ends up being more like a few weeks than a few days. There’s a few things to know. For one, during slow seasons it can be even longer, since carriers make less in the slower months anyway. This results in people who can afford to wait longer for service benefiting more from standby auto shipping.

Secondly, this is a big reason why it’s not all that popular with most customers. Most customers don’t have the time to wait weeks for standby, they need their car shipped immediately. So they take the scheduling inconvenience that comes with standard shipping because it’s just easier in the long run. But there are always customers that aren’t going to need their vehicle shipped ASAP. Those are the customers that can benefit from standby. If you need to ship a car but you don’t care how long it takes and only care about cost, try out standby. At the very least, speak to an agent about it to learn more and see if it’s right for you.

Can I get quotes for standby auto shipping services?

If you’re interested in free quotes for standby auto shipping services, just fill out our free quote form. To start, it’s free and easy. And, if you fill it out you’ll get quotes emailed to you from some of the best shippers we know. We make sure they’re the best – it’s part of what we do to help you. This is because getting free quotes from different shippers allows you to find the right price for your shipment. You can gather a wealth of information and pick the brains of top shipping agents if you contact those companies via phone. This way, you have the most up-to-date information about your shipment from the people who know how to ship it. If you have questions or concerns, give us a call at 800-384-1253 to speak to one of our agents.

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