Top New York Auto Transport Destinations

New York auto transport services are not difficult to find. Though it’s not among the largest states, either by total area or by population, it does have one thing that no other state does: New York City.

New York City is the largest city in both New York State and the United States as a whole. It’s one of the largest cities in the entire world. So it’s not surprising that there are a lot of auto transporters that run routes into and out of New York, if only because of New York City.

But that doesn’t mean that you can only ship a car to the Big Apple. On the contrary; New York State has a lot of fairly large cities scattered across its roughly 54,500 square miles of land, and you can ship a car to any of them.

Even if you’re not shipping to one of the cities detailed below, you’ll still be able to glean valuable information about New York auto transport services, and you’ll be able to get a quote from top-rated auto shippers that we’ve personally reviewed right here from our website. But we’ll talk about that more in a bit. For now, read on about New York auto transport services to different major cities in the state and prepare yourself for your next auto transportation adventure.

A brief overview of New York auto transport

As mentioned, New York is a big state, and New York auto transport services are fairly popular among customers, especially those shipping out of the state. But that’s not what we’re discussing here. What we’re focusing on today is shipping into New York, particularly to some of the state’s largest cities.

The biggest issue with New York is that, while it is far from the largest state, it’s also pretty spread out. The state is dominated by mountain ranges that split it in half, and outside of New York City there aren’t any cities that are more than regional powers.

What this means for you is that shipping to New York City will be the cheapest, while shipping to the Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse area will be more expensive. Carriers charge on a per-mile basis usually, and having to travel to upstate New York to pick up or deliver vehicles costs them time and money. While it won’t be too much more than other routes of a similar distance, we do want you to be aware.

That said, New York auto transport services are easy to find and relatively affordable, at least compared to other, less popular routes in the U.S. Keep reading to learn about shipping to various major cities across the state, how they differ, and how you can prepare for your shipment accordingly.

New York City auto shipping

As mentioned, New York City is the largest city in the state, the largest in the U.S., and one of the largest in the world. A major commercial and financial hub, it’s no surprise that New York City auto shipping is among the most popular searches today.

But just because it’s popular – and it sees a lot of demand from customers – that doesn’t make it necessarily easy to ship to and from. While there are many carriers that service the New York City area, getting into one of the five boroughs of New York is nigh impossible for an 80-ft transport truck.

As such, most carriers will pickup cars either across the river in New Jersey, or they’ll pick them up from somewhere outside the borough. Yonkers is fairly popular as an alternative location, as it is less dense than any of the other boroughs (though it is still dense).

Many transporters will also use local tow companies to get vehicles out of the city center and to a location where they can pick it up. In terms of price, you shouldn’t see any drastic increases if this has to happen. In fact, prices to and from New York City are often on par with most other routes of a similar distance despite the difficulty carriers have in getting to the city proper. When it comes to New York auto transport services, though, you’ll have the easiest time finding a carrier at a good price if you’re shipping to New York City.

Shipping a car to Buffalo

Buffalo is the second-largest city in the state of New York, located in upstate New York on the eastern end of Lake Erie. Though it’s the second-largest city in New York State, it’s only home to 251,000 residents, making it relatively minor in the list of most popular car transport locations.

New York auto transport services also serve the Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse region, and to be fair there are lots of reasons to ship up there. Buffalo, once a major manufacturing center along the shores of Lake Erie, has slowly transformed into a cultural center of the region. It is the home to two major professional sports teams, including the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League, as well as numerous museums, orchestras, festivals, parks, art galleries, and more.

This makes Buffalo a popular location for people to move to. As Rust Belt cities continue to reinvent themselves, more and more people are seeing them as viable urban locations to live, work, and enjoy life in. With so many things to do, it’s not surprising in the least that more people are seeing Buffalo as a great place to move to and live in.

Shipping a car to Buffalo, though, is more challenging. It’s pretty far up there, though it’s easily accessible by both southern routes and routes from the western U.S. That said, prices to ship to Buffalo are always higher than cities like New York City or Albany, just because of how far carriers have to travel.

All about Rochester auto transport

Like Buffalo, Rochester sits along the shores of Lake Erie, though it sits further east of Buffalo and west of Syracuse, in the center of the Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse area. Though smaller than Buffalo, it’s a bit more easily accessible for both carriers and customers alike. Also like Buffalo, it’s a boomtown gone to seed that is slowly reinventing itself as a cultural and financial hub of the Lake Erie region.

When it comes to Rochester auto transport and New York auto transport services in general, you shouldn’t have too many issues finding a carrier. Rochester is more difficult to ship cars into, but its central location also makes it more enticing for carriers that are going that way anyway. Carriers can get into Rochester from the west and also the south along major interstates and frequently-traveled state highways.

What this does is help your prices stay lower. During the winter months, though, when prices are usually cheapest, prices to Rochester can go up. This is for one simple reason: lake-effect snow.

The same is true for Buffalo, though Buffalo sees the worst effects of lake-effect snow usually. That said, carriers can’t travel through snowbound areas and will be forced to reroute. During the winter months, this can result in delays, but they are not common as lake-effect snow doesn’t hit Rochester nearly as hard as Buffalo.

You shouldn’t have any issue finding Rochester auto transport services year-round. Just be prepared for a bit longer of a wait – and slightly higher prices – if the city is buried in snow and ice.

What to know about Albany auto shipping

The capital of the state of New York and the center of New York State’s Capital District, Albany is a fairly popular transportation location in the state. Albany auto shipping benefits from the city’s proximity to New York City, which sits only three hours or so north of New York City. While this does make for a bit more expensive of a shipment when compared to shipping to New York City proper, it’s usually not that much more.

What makes Albany a popular shipping location, though, is its recent emergence as a center of high-tech industry in the region. This has made Albany a more popular vehicle shipping location in recent years as more and more people move to the city. This has a ripple effect on auto transportation prices and services both to and from Albany. As it grows in popularity among customers, carriers see Albany as a viable location to service as well.

You should not have any trouble finding car transportation services either to or from Albany at reasonable rates. However, if you’re pressed for cash and are shipping on a budget, shipping to New York City should save you some over Albany auto shipping services.

Note, too, that many carriers are able to get to Albany from the Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse area, making New York auto transport services even more affordable on more routes.

Yonkers car transport services

Yonkers is often considered an unofficial “sixth borough” of New York City due to its proximity to the city. It sits just north of the Bronx, and, unlike the other boroughs of the city, Yonkers has a lot more accessibility for carriers. It’s less dense and more spread out than the other boroughs as well. It offers wider streets that allow carriers easier access to many areas.

Of course, you’ll have to discuss specific locations with your driver, but, on the whole, it shouldn’t be hard to get door-to-door shipping services to Yonkers.

You can typically save money on your New York auto transport services by shipping to areas carriers can easily access. When it comes to Yonkers car transport services, you may have to do this as well. Though Yonkers is easier to get into and out of than the boroughs of New York City, carriers still may not want to go that far north.

Many carriers stop their New York routes at New York City, often declining to even cross the river. Part of this is the difficulty of access, but part of it too is the number of toll roads in the area. Tolls get expensive for carriers, and they add to the price that customers pay for New York auto transport services.

Make sure to speak to your representative about what you can expect shipping to or from specific parts of Yonkers, New York City, or New York State in general.

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