The Truth About Auto Transport by Rail

Auto Transport by Rail

Auto transport by rail is a relatively old way of shipping cars. Back before over the road trucking became prominent, most goods were shipped over the railroads. Before that, they were mostly shipped along rivers and over lakes to get to where they needed to go. But as technology changed and advanced the way we moved goods changed as well. By the 1980’s over the road trucking had become entrenched as the fastest, most cost-effective way of moving goods across the United States, leaving the railroads pretty much in the dust. While they still move some freight, it’s much less popular than it was before the turn of the millennium. Sadly, the car shipping industry is one more that has “moved on,” to quote a famous author.

Is auto transport by rail popular at all?

It has its moments, and it had its heyday, but no, auto transport by rail is pretty much all but gone. It hasn’t completely disappeared; some rail companies still operate up and down the east coast. So there’s some hope there. But when it comes to cross-country auto transportation services, there isn’t a rail company around that can do it for less than an over the road truck can. Standard shipping services have some distinct advantages aside from just being cheaper, too. It’s also faster; even with stopping for multiple other customers along the way, a car shipping truck can get from coast to coast in less than two weeks, and often for less than a thousand dollars. No rail company could match that, so they don’t try.

Can I get quotes for auto transport by rail?

Auto transport by rail is one of those things that isn’t really a thing anymore. Therefore, finding quotes to ship along the railroads, as we mentioned, may be quite difficult. We recommend that you get some free quotes for over the road shipping first. You can start that process by simply filling out our free form. Your information will be received by top car transporters who will email you quotes within about an hour. Those quotes are from companies that we make sure are licensed and bonded and only work with top-rated, insured carriers. This way, you know you’ll be in good hands from start to finish. You can also contact one of our agents any time by dialing 800-384-1253. They can answer questions, give advice and take your information to get you your free quotes right over the phone.

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