Chevrolet (Chevy) Cruze Auto Transport

2011 Chevrolet Cruze LS sedan (US)The Chevy Cruze, originally a crossover SUV sold in international markets, was relaunched as a sedan in 2008 to help promote General Motors’ global advertising campaign. It has been in continuous production under the Cruze nameplate since then and is currently sold in five different models, the LS, 1LT, 2LT, LTZ and Eco Cruze. While each model has specific features, you can take the LS as the cheapest model, with each subsequent model being the next step up in terms of price and available options and standard equipment.


With the LS you get a 1.8L Straight-4 engine capable of 138 horsepower and a six-speed manual transmission. It also comes with ten air bags standard, electronic stability control as well as traction control, anti lock brakes, OnStar for six months, Sirius XM satellite radio and black outside mirrors. For a base model, that’s a lot of cool stuff. The 1LT features what the LS does as well as a more powerful 1.4L turbocharged engine, USB ports, Bluetooth compatibility, steering wheel-mounted audio controls as well as a driver convenience package as an available option. The 2LT is the next step up from the 1LT, featuring heated and powered seats, a sport-tuned suspension and touch-screen navigation, while the LTZ, the most expensive Cruze model, features a six-speed manual transmission, cool wheels, fog lamps, chrome door handles, automatic dual-zone climate control, a cooler instrument panel, rear-park assist and keyless entry to the vehicle on top of what the 2LT comes with. The Eco features a separate, more fuel-efficient engine and a host of other features, mostly the best from the first four models.


The Cruze, being a small car, is usually pretty easy to ship. All your auto transportation company will ask you when you tell them it’s a Cruze is where it’s coming from and going to, because the individual model doesn’t matter much to the auto transportation company – this is only really necessary for bigger SUV’s and trucks, such as the Ford F-450 – which has a slew of available models, each of which can have a different price to ship it. Since most vehicle transport companies you’ll be speaking to are brokerages, they’ll help you keep your price as low as it can be by finding the nearest auto transport carrier to you, meaning you don’t have to call a carrier and wait for them to swing by. This saves you time and money and gives you a lot of control over your transportation, especially the pickup and delivery locations. Simply tell your auto shipping representative where you want the car to be picked up from and delivered to and they’ll let you know the price and carrier availability. You can also learn more about the Cruze here.


But no matter which model you’re shipping – or even if it isn’t a Cruze – Automobile Shipping Quotes can help you get it from wherever it is to wherever you need it to go. You can either fill out our free online vehicle shipping quote request form or speak to one of our live car transport representatives who can answer your basic transport questions and put you on the right path for your shipping needs. When you fill out our free form you’ll receive up to ten free auto transportation quotes from our secure and reliable auto shippers, meaning you don’t have to do all that research and homework to find the best ones – we’ve done that for you! So whether you fill out our form or call our toll-free number, you’ll get the car shipping answers you’re looking for.


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