Ford Mustang Auto Transport

The Ford Mustang is one of Ford’s oldest models. It first appeared in dealer showrooms and on lots in 1964, and has been in continuous production ever since. Currently the vehicle is in its fifth generation, having gone a number of changes and improvements – both mechanically and aesthetically in the almost fifty years its been in production. Currently the Ford Mustang is sold in four different types and eleven different models: the V6 (which has the base V6, the V6 Premium, the V6 Convertible and the V6 Premium Convertible), the GT (GT, GT Premium, GT Convertible and the GT Premium Convertible), the Boss 302, and the Shelby GT500 (along with the GT500 Convertible). The base V6 comes with a 3.7L V6 engine and a range of options. The base V6 MSRP is $22,310, making it an economical choice for many new buyers looking for a flashy car. Each V6 package increases in price, the highest being the V6 Premium Convertible, which comes with ambient interior lighting and 17-inch aluminum wheels with painted pockets. The Premium Convertible MSRP is $31,310. Ford Mustang Auto Transport is easy to arrange.


Jumping up to the GT, the base GT comes with a 5.0L V8 engine capable of 18/26 mpg (city/highway) and 18-inch wide-spoke aluminum wheels. It clocks in at $29,710, but goes up in price per package, with the highest being the GT Premium Convertible, which is $38,310 MSRP. The Boss 302 is built like a juggernaut, featuring 17/23 mpg and a Hi-Po 302 V8 engine. It’s styled after the Boss 302 made famous in the 70’s, with a fastback style. The added torque and horsepower add to the price, however, clocking in at $40,310. The Shelby GT500 is Ford’s most beautiful Mustang model, and most auto shipping companies will agree. The Shelby GT500 is named after Carroll Shelby, the originator of the AC Cobra. He began working with Ford in 1965 and was put in charge of making the Shelby GT line of Mustangs, which is Ford’s highest-end Mustang model. With a base price of $53,810 (for the convertible – $48,310 for the hardtop), it’s well worth the price. Featuring a 5.4L supercharged V8 engine and a heck of a body, the Shelby GT500 is a beautiful car.


If you’re looking for auto shipping for any type of Ford Mustang, the beauty is that it won’t be much of a hassle. Since the car has been around for so long, as since the design – though it’s changed much over the years – really hasn’t added any significant weight or length to the car, it’s fairly standard for auto shipping companies. It falls in with most full-size cars (which include all other, smaller types of vehicles), which is the most basic type of vehicle to ship. Unlike SUV’s or giant trucks, you won’t get smacked with an oversized vehicle penalty considering the Mustang is just a car.


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