Why Veteran Transport Logistics?

Veteran Transport Logistics is an auto transport broker based in Marietta, Georgia. Since 2015, Veteran Transport Logistics has been at the forefront of the auto transportation industry thanks to their support of active and retired military members, flexible pricing options, and focus on positive customer service, as reflected in their many positive reviews.

Though they have made a name for themselves as a supporter of military members, Veteran also focuses very much on services for businesses, including fleet managers and dealerships. The ability for entities to ship their vehicles with ease puts Veteran Transport Logistics on the list as one of the best auto transporters in the industry today.


How Veteran Transport Logistics Compares 

Pricing: 2 out of 5 (below average)

Age: 5 years

Vehicles shipped last year:


How Much Does Veteran Transport Logistics Cost?

After exhaustive research and review we’ve been able to compile some average prices that Veteran Transport Logistics charges along several major routes. While prices are subject to change on a daily basis, these averages can be used to compare overall prices so you can choose the right company for your needs.


Average Veteran Transport Logistics Pricing

New York City to Miami

2016 Toyota Corolla – 600

2016 Toyota 4-Runner – 700

2016 Ford F-150 – 800

Dallas to Miami

2016 Toyota Corolla – 525

2016 Toyota 4-Runner – 600 

2016 Ford F-150 – 650


Need even lower prices? 

Veteran Transport Logistics offers the following discounts:

  • Active and retired military members
  • Senior citizens
  • Returning customers
  • Students


Veteran Transport Logistics at a Glance

Company Snapshot

MC#: 910825

DOT#: 2609410

Company type: Broker

Bonded?: Yes

Insured? Yes

Years in operation: 5

Services Provided
  • In-state and out-of-state transportation
  • Motorcycle, ATV, and boat transport
  • Recreational vehicle shipping
  • Open transport
  • Enclosed transport


Why We Recommend Veteran Transport Logistics

They offer multiple levels of service

While many auto shippers offer multiple levels of service, Veteran Transport Logistics tells you right up front what they are and what you can expect. They offer two basic levels of service, their “Flexible” service and their “Express” service.

Flexible seems to be their standard level of service, and it’s what the name suggests. The prices tend to be a bit lower than the average, but the company says they can pickup in no more than 10 business days.

This seems to be a bit long when compared to other transportation companies, but 1-2 weeks is a fairly standard time frame for most transporters, with many of them saying 5-7 business days, or about one week. However, Veteran Transport Logistics allows customers up to two weeks, thus giving them more “flexibility.” This is advertised as their main budget option.

Of course, not everyone wants to be flexible like that, which is why they offer an express level of service at a higher price. They advertise that express shipments get picked up within 24-72 hours of making your vehicle available, which is pretty standard for express transportation services. However, something that sets Veteran Transport Logistics apart is the fact that they advertise faster delivery than most as well. You end up paying a bit more, but the service seems to be worth it.


Great benefits for dealerships and auctions

One thing that stands out about Veteran Transport Logistics is their dedication to both dealership and auctions. They provide discounts for dealerships especially those that move a lot of vehicles. Combine that with the discount that they offer to both active and retired military members, and dealerships with a focus on helping veterans can save a lot of money on their transportation costs.

Veteran Transport Logistics also focuses on auto auctions and provides shipping services to and from all the major ones including Manheim, ADESA, Copart, IAA, and many more. They have an entire department dedicated to just helping people move to and from auto auctions as well, which is something that most auto shippers don’t do. 


Big focus on military moves and military members

This one perhaps isn’t too surprising, as they are a company that is owned by a veteran of the U.S. armed forces. In addition to a fairly substantial discount for current and past military members, they offer group rates for those that know they will be needing transportation services more than once over a certain amount of time.

Veteran Transport Logistics boasts the best military discount among their competition, and they offer services for all types of moves for military members including within the continental U.S. and even to bases overseas in foreign countries or in American-held territories.

If you are a military member and you are in need of auto transportation services at a good rate, it’s hard to beat Veteran Transport Logistics for their dedication to service members, their hefty discount, and their ability to get your vehicle just about anywhere you need it to get to. 


Can you trust Veteran Transport Logistics?

We here at ASQ, after doing exhaustive research, believe that Veteran Transport Logistics is a quality transportation company that you can trust, especially if you’re a military member.

With some of the lowest prices in the industry for their “flexible” shipping option, it’s hard to not want to book with them. While we understand that low prices don’t necessarily get vehicles moved in a timely manner, Veteran’s reviews all seem to point to an ability to do so. Couple this with their strong military discounts and you can save quite a bit on your shipment.

Can you trust Veteran Transport Logistics? Yes.