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Are you trying to find the right auto transport company for your car shipping needs? If so, Automobile Shipping Quotes is the place you want to be. If you fill out our free auto shipping quote request form, you’ll get up to ten free car transport quotes directly from some of the best car transport companies in the industry.

Whether you’re shipping just one vehicle or a baker’s dozen, it’s important to be able to compare quality car transportation prices and services from top auto shipping companies, and we at Automobile Shipping Quotes want to give you the tools to do that. Auto shippers are a dime a dozen nowadays, and finding the right auto shipping company is crucial. They can and will find a quality auto shipping carrier and basically make your job easier.

Look, simply booking with the first car shipping company you get a quote from is never the best way to get the vehicle shipping quotes or services that you need. Some auto shipping carriers may price it too high for the route, while others may not price the shipment high enough. The former means you overpay, but the latter means your car won’t get shipped. Remember, auto shipping carriers wants to make as much as he can – this is why auto shipping brokers exist, after all.

The car transport industry is frustrating that way – it’s all about money. This really isn’t news, though, is it? Every company, be they in auto transportation or something else, is out to make money. And – let’s face it – some auto shipping companies are better at doing that than others.

This is a huge reason why getting automobile shipping quotes from multiple companies – and comparing them – is important. You get free quotes and access to live auto transport experts who can give you information and advice about your auto shipping quotes, rates and services. Their job is to find a reputable auto shipping carrier at a good price that can move your vehicle when you need it.

We here at Automobile Shipping Quotes work hard to make sure that every auto shipping company we work with is reputable and reliable. We scour their reviews to make sure they’re top-rated. We check their history to make sure they’re valid and have a solid history in the auto transport industry. More importantly, we make sure they are fully licensed and bonded. These are important checks that lesser auto transport quote providers don’t think about.


How does Automobile Shipping Quotes get me free quotes?

If you fill our free form out you’ll get auto shipping quotes emailed to you from top car shippers. No gimmicks, no hidden fees, no surcharges or anything like that. Just ten free auto transport quotes from ten different auto shippers. Our goal is to get you quality quotes from top auto shipping providers that you can use to price match and find the right car transport quotes services for your needs.

Different people need services to ship different things, and our stable of reputable vehicle shipping companies can help. Whether you need auto transport quotes for a standard car, a pickup truck, minivan, ATV, motorcycle, 4×4, travel trailer, cargo van, semi truck, motorhome or any other type of vehicle, we can help you get it.

Reputable and reliable services

All the car transport companies you get estimates and quotes from will be fully licensed and bonded as well as top-rated, reputable and reliable. This is part of the service we provide to you and one of the main reasons we do what we do. Getting car transport quotes online is easy, but getting quality rates from some of the best auto transport companies in the industry is a step beyond. But here at Automobile Shipping Quotes, that’s kind of what we do. It’s because we think you’re worth putting in the extra effort for. And you can’t say we just want your money because all of our services are 100% free!

What all this means is that, from start to finish, your vehicle is going to be in good hands with auto transporting companies that we vet prior to you ever getting a quote from them. It will be safe and secure regardless of who you book your shipment with, but while we do take pride in our vetting process we do still recommend you do your own research about each auto shipper and look up reviews of their services as well.

24/7 services

Regardless of your schedule, we’ll be here when you’re ready to fill out and submit our free auto transport quote form. More than that, we offer our toll-free number that you can call any time to speak to an agent. Our agents understand all about shipping a vehicle and can give you more information about the industry and helpful advice about how to get the most out of your shipping services. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns as well. You can also visit our Automobile Shipping FAQ for more.

Some Tips for Finding the Right Auto Transport Company

Okay, so you’re ready to take the next step. Got some auto shipping quotes, saw some prices, and you’re in the middle of trying to decide on an auto shipping company. Great! You’ve taken the first step, and it’s a big one. But now you have to try to whittle down all those auto shipping rates and quotes to one specific company. How?

Well, if you’ve read this far you should know to toss out any auto transport quotes that are well outside the established mean. So you likely have five or six solid rates from different shippers. The first thing you should do is simply do an online search of those companies. The internet has reshaped the auto shipping landscape and has made it safer than ever. Websites such as Consumer Reports and Transport Reviews act as inadvertent watchdogs, giving customers such as yourself vital information on how a company actually performs.

What you’re looking for are numerous red flags. Look, no auto transporter can possibly please everyone. Auto shipping tends to bring the worst out in people when it comes to dealing with customer service – it’s like retail minus the facetime. And when it comes to their cars, well, people don’t want to trust them to just anyone. Do you? People are picky, but they can be tough on auto shippers. One or two bad reviews aren’t the end of the world, though of course they look bad for an auto shipper.

In this industry, though, bad reviews can be a death sentence, and if they have more than just one or two bad reviews, you may want to go somewhere else. Also look for repeating issues such as bad communication. Even good reviews can have negatives in them, which is why it’s important to peruse them carefully.

Each company you get a quote from through Automobile Shipping Quotes is five-star rated at Transport Reviews and they are A-rated by the Better Business Bureau, which is another great resource at your disposal. Note that companies are not required to be a part of the BBB, though – accreditation is optional with the BBB. Using the resources available to you is an important part of finding the right auto transport company for your needs.

A Bit About Popular Car Shipping Routes

People are always calling and asking about whether or not their route is popular. It’s a good question and one we recommend you ask. But here’s a quick tip: popular routes are determined by where customers actually are. This means that the most popular routes wend their way through the biggest cities across the United States.

Of course, the U.S. is a huge country – one of the largest in the world, as a matter of fact. So you can immediately tell if your route is popular just based on how big your pickup and delivery locations are. Are you shipping out of a city that has a few hundred thousand people? Chances are there’s a few carriers in the area.

But smaller cities can be tougher to ship to because of a lack of demand. As such, auto transporters typically won’t want to go there unless it’s worth the effort. There are a few factors you can look at to determine whether or not the small city or town you’re shipping from or to is going to be easy or not:

  1. Proximity to a major city. If your pickup or delivery destination is a bedroom community of a bigger one (for instance, Pembroke Pines is a bedroom city of Miami), carriers are more apt to go there since they’re going to be in the area already.

  2. Proximity to a major interstate. Most car transporters want to stay on the interstate highways if they can. Their high speed limits make for faster transit times, and most all of them are connected together and intersect in major cities. If your pickup or delivery location sits along an interstate highway – or close to one – carriers are more interested in picking it up, since they’re already in the area (see point #1, above).

  3. Military presence. Believe it or not, a place like Minot, North Dakota is in surprisingly high demand for a city of its size. The reason? The Minot Air Force Base. While many military installations are located in bigger cities, there are some that are in the middle of nowhere. A military presence in an area typically means more traffic, as people get reassigned on a constant basis in a military as large as ours.

Another thing to factor in for major cities is the fact that some downtown areas are just impossible to get to for a car transport carrier. You see, those trucks are huge, and navigating tight streets – such as the ones in Manhattan, for instance – can be impossible to do without damaging their truck or cargo. There are also some areas that have ordinances in place restricting where a truck that large can even go within the city limits.

This requires moving your pickup or delivery location, but don’t worry – you’ll discuss this with your auto shipping agent as well as with the driver of the car shipping truck. They’ll let you know if your pickup or delivery location is unsuitable for the driver and you both will figure out somewhere you can meet. This is the great part about door to door automobile shipping quotes – you can actually talk to the driver, meet them, and have more control over your shipment.

Different options to fit your needs and budget

All auto transport rates that you get will be for door to door auto shipping services, which means a carrier will arrive right at your home or office to pickup and deliver your vehicle. While other services are available, notably enclosed auto transport and terminal car shipping services, a standard quote is for door to door vehicle shipping on an open car carrier. An open carrier is simply a big ten-car hauler that you’ve likely seen on the road in your day-to-day driving. Enclosed vehicle transport carriers are more expensive than their open counterparts, but they provide more protection for their cargo – your vehicle.

We highly recommend you speak to someone if you are unsure as to which type of auto transport carrier you will need. Using the wrong kind of auto transportation company can be a real problem – if you need an enclosed hauler but you go with an open one, you could end up paying the price in real dollars.

We here at Automobile Shipping Quotes also recommend that you get your auto transport rates for open auto shipping services first, unless you know for sure you want to ship via enclosed car transport. This way you can see the “standard” auto shipping rates and then talk to an agent about alternatives. Those auto shipping representatives can also give advice about what would likely be best for your auto transport needs depending on your specific shipping information.

Quotes from anywhere, to anywhere in the U.S.

While we don’t offer international auto shipping rates we can get you quotes to ship anywhere in the 50 U.S. states. We can even get you quotes for overseas auto transport to U.S. territories such as Guam and Puerto Rico. See? With Automobile Shipping Quotes you don’t have to scour the internet looking for someone to help you ship your car overseas – you’ve already found it.

But on the mainland, auto transport companies like routes that run through big cities. New York, Los Angeles, Miami – those are the biggest auto transportation locations in the nation. They soak up most of the vehicle transport carriers that are heading across the country. This means that rural areas take longer and cost more to ship from and to when compared to those major cities. Auto transport companies know this, and they want to help you get the best services for your budget. Getting multiple auto transport quotes allows you to compare prices and speak to an agent to see what they can do in terms of helping you save some time and money.

Now Then…How it All Works

Whether you use our services to get free car shipping rates or not, it’s important to understand what you’re getting yourself into when you ship a car. Here’s a quick overview, from the top town, about how this crazy auto shipping thing works.

There are three basic types of auto transportation companies: auto shipping brokers, auto transport carriers, and vehicle shipping quote providers. If you can’t tell, Automobile Shipping Quotes is a car shipping quotes provider – we get you quotes from different companies. You may also see the term “lead provider” used, and that’s technically true.

But those leads go to the auto shipping companies that broker freight – the brokers. They’re the ones that book most every order that’s placed to ship a car. Brokers, believe it or not, are vital to the vehicle shipping industry because carriers rely on them so heavily. Over the course of a year hundreds of thousands of vehicles are shipped. No one carrier can handle all that – no one company could, period. So the industry is broken up into companies that handle specific jobs – brokers book the loads, carriers move the freight.

It’s symbiotic. Those auto transportation companies rely on each other to move cars, and it’s the best, fastest and cheapest method we’ve found to do it. The way brokers and carriers find one another is through a central load board known as Central Dispatch. This is where brokers can post freight, carriers can peruse it and find the ones they want to ship.

Of course, a car shipping carrier wants to get paid as much as they can, so they usually take the highest-paying freight first. This is why comparing auto shipping quotes is so vitally important. Brokers know that if they price freight wrong they won’t move their customers’ loads, which leads to high cancellation rates. High cancellation rates are not only detrimental for customer service, they’re also expensive because those are loads that they don’t get paid to ship.

However, if you’re able to compare prices, you can cut the fat from your search by immediately eliminating quotes that are well below the mean. If you get ten quotes, and eight of them are in between $600 and $700, but one of them is $450 and the other is $500, chances are high that those two low quotes won’t move your car. Avoid the hassle by skipping them entirely.

Ultimately the market determines prices, and those are set by the carriers. There are literally thousands of different car transport carriers on the road shipping cars. Many of them are bunched along popular routes – the interstates are a good indicator of popular shipping routes, by the way, as most trucks want to stay on them for the duration. One and two digit interstates are the most popular, though three digit interstates and even state highways see some traffic.

What this means though is that carriers set the prices and brokers work within that to give you your car shipping rates and auto transport prices. And sometimes prices change, or brokers simply price it wrong (this often happens with new hires, by the way – shipping cars is more of an art than a science). Therefore, having multiple quotes is the best way to go about starting your auto shipping journey.

Some Things to Know About Auto Transport

If you need to ship a car then use Automobile Shipping Quotes to find the right car shipping company for you. Of course we’re going to say that – we want your business, after all. But there are also some things you need to know about the industry that you may not really think about.

First off, the industry has its ups and downs, demand-wise. The most vehicles are shipping in June, July and August – it’s the high point of the auto transport tide, as it were. Come September you have the college kids going back to school, and there’s often plenty of professors and students alike shipping their vehicles back to campus. October and November typically see the snowbirds going down south for the winter. January, February and the beginning of March are typically the slowest times of the year, and between September and February there’s a noticeable drop in overall load count across the nation. Whereas in July there might be 25,000 vehicles needing to be shipped nationwide, by the end of September it could be as low as 12-15,000.

Carriers and brokers alike have to account for these changes, and the best ones prepare adequately for them. For instance, in October there’s high demand for shipments from New England to Florida. As such, carriers who were typically running east-west routes along, say, I-10, will shift to north-south routes along I-95. This helps increase competition among carriers and leads to lower prices for shipments south to Florida.

But in the winter months, the decrease in freight also means some carriers get pushed out. Fewer carriers on the road means that space is tight, and prices can increase on popular routes. Getting a jump on the rush can save you time and money on your shipment, but wait too long and you can get left out to dry. There’s typically a happy medium on popular routes, though, especially ones that see constant traffic such as those up and down I-95, or east-west along I-10.


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