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American Auto Shipping has been a leader in the car shipping world since 1999. With over 20 years of experience moving vehicles and an office that has over 75 years’ combined experience moving vehicles, there’s not a lot that American Auto Shipping can’t do for their customers.

20 years is a long time in the car shipping industry. The oldest companies we’ve seen have only been around since the time Barack Obama was elected the first time; American Auto Shipping can boast service under four different presidencies! 

In an industry where age equals reliability, it’s hard to beat twenty years of service. And their reviews reflect it; their dedication to their craft shows in the responses from their customers. And while they’re not perfect (let’s face it – 20 years is a long time), they’ve proven time and again that they are willing to learn from past experience and continue to innovate, grow, and provide better service for all their customers.


How American Auto Shipping Compares 

Pricing : 3 out of 5 (average)

Age : 20 years

Vehicles shipped last year : 6,000


How Much Does American Auto Shipping Cost?

Average American Auto Shipping Pricing

Florida to California: $1200

California to Florida: $1375

Ohio to California: $1350

California to New York: $1375

Texas to California: $750


Need even lower prices? 

American Auto Shipping offers the following discounts:

  • Students
  • AAA members
  • Military veterans
  • Senior citizens
  • Recurring customers
  • Dealerships and fleets


American Auto Shipping at a Glance

Company Snapshot

MC# : 125957

DOT# : 3180595

Company type : Broker

Bonded ?: Yes

Insured ?: Yes

Years in operation : 20


Why We Recommend American Auto Shipping

They use the latest innovations for quotes

One thing that American Auto Shipping is proud to tell their customers is their use of “The Algorithm.”

What is the algorithm? It’s an automated system that gives quotes for customers instantly. And while many companies have automated quoting systems, few have their setup the way that American’s is.

They boast on their website that their quote algorithm uses 500 different points of historical data to price your shipment. It adjusts for seasons, for conditions on the road including inclement weather, and updates in real-time as new information is added to the algorithm’s dataset. Overall, American Auto Shipping has tailored their quote-giving experience to each individual customer, ensuring that prices are always competitive and built to move. 


Their website is one of the best

Some companies have small websites that just outline what they do. Some have large websites where there’s a whole host of information. And then there’s American Auto Shipping’s website.

What sets American’s website apart are two things: one, it’s updated weekly, with new posts and pages all about different aspects of the car shipping industry. And two, it offers information on auto transport to and from specific cities and states, different vehicle models, and even news articles that cover inclement weather and other factors that may delay shipments on specific routes.

If you’re looking for information about something related to the car shipping industry, chances are you can find something about it on American Auto Shipping’s website. It’s really one of a kind.


They offer locked-in pricing

One of the things you hear a lot is the idea that prices aren’t guaranteed. And for the most part that’s true in the car transport industry. Many carriers try to get more money from brokers while brokers are trying to save their customers as much money as possible. It can be difficult for them to balance that, but that’s what makes American Auto Shipping stand out.

By using an automated, algorithm-driven quoting system for their customers that always ensures the right rate, they can offer locked-in pricing. This makes a big difference because you know that your representative won’t call you up and tell you that they can’t move it unless they offer more to the trucks because their initial quote was wrong. This happens a lot, especially as conditions on routes change.

But American’s algorithm predicts these changes and updates the prices it gives accordingly. It’s a great system that has served them well for quite some time and will continue to in the future. You can’t go wrong with locked-in rates from a company with over 20 years of experience.


Can You Trust American Auto Shipping?

From start to finish, American Auto Shipping is one of the most trustworthy companies we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Their representatives are friendly and helpful, they understand the industry and they know how to take care of their customers. Can you trust American Auto Shipping? 110%.


If you’re looking for a company that has trusted reviews and personalized service, Christa’s Excellent Auto is an independent auto shipping broker run by a former member of Excellent Auto Transport, another company on our list of best woman-owned companies, in fact! 

Opened over five years ago now, Christa’s Excellent Auto provides quality auto transportation services at quality rates that are designed to move your vehicle on time and on budget. With stellar reviews across numerous review sites, including a perfect rating with the BBB, you can’t go wrong choosing Christa’s Excellent Auto to ship your vehicle.

How Christa’s Excellent Auto Compares 

Pricing: 2 out of 5 (below average)

Age: 5+ years

Vehicles shipped last year: 300+

How Much Does Christa’s Excellent Auto Cost?

Average Christa’s Excellent Auto Pricing

New York to California: $1400

Florida to California: $725

New Jersey to Georgia: $650

Texas to North Carolina: $725

Need even lower prices? 

Christa’s Excellent Auto offers the following discounts:

  • Students
  • Military
  • Retired and senior citizens

Christa’s Excellent Auto at a Glance

Company Snapshot

MC#: 071359

DOT#: 3089859

Company type: Broker

Bonded?: Yes

Insured?: Yes

Years in operation: 5+

Why We Recommend Christa’s Excellent Auto

No charge until your vehicle is on a truck

Most auto shippers out there today charge at one of two points: either when you first book your order, or when your vehicle is dispatched and assigned to a truck. 

Christa’s Excellent Auto, however, goes a step further. They charge you your deposit only after your vehicle is actually picked up and in transit. This means that they don’t get paid for anything they do until they actually, physically get your vehicle onto a carrier. 

That kind of dedication to their customers is a big reason as to why Christa’s Excellent Auto is on our list of best woman-owned auto transport companies. It’s hard to beat that kind of service.

Multiple ways to pay

In addition to charging only once your vehicle is on the truck and on its way to you, Christa’s Excellent Auto offers multiple different payment methods to make sure that you can get it done no matter the circumstances.

While many companies nowadays offer multiple ways to pay their deposit, they are mostly only via credit card or by a telecheck. However, Christa’s Excellent Auto is keeping up with the times and can accept payment via Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, or even PayPal. 

This flexibility is important for a lot of customers, especially those that don’t have access to certain payment methods or whose money is tied up in other assets or accounts. Being able to provide flexible payment methods gives the company plenty of leeway when talking to customers and booking their orders, so make sure to check them out.

Personalized service from start to finish

One thing that stands out to us is the fact that Christa’s Excellent Auto actually talks to you before they assign your vehicle to a carrier. This is not something that is normally done; typically, your broker will assign your vehicle to a carrier and then let you know when you can expect them to arrive.

However, Christa’s goes a step further and contacts you before they dispatch to make sure that the pickup dates and potential location changes will work for you and your schedule. This kind of personalized approach sets the company apart. Between their various payment methods, the fact that they don’t charge until your vehicle is on a truck, and they check with you to make sure pickup dates work before dispatching, it’s clear that Christa’s Excellent Auto is a cut above the rest.

Can You Trust Christa’s Excellent Auto?

Overall, it’s clear from our own experiences, reading reviews from other customers, and the basic way that Christa’s Excellent Auto operates that the company is one of the best in the industry at taking care of their customers. Can you trust them? Absolutely.


How Veteran Transport Logistics Compares

Pricing: 2 out of 5 (below average)

Age: 5 years

Vehicles shipped last year:

How Much Does Veteran Transport Logistics Cost?

After exhaustive research and review we’ve been able to compile some average prices that Veteran Transport Logistics charges along several major routes. While prices are subject to change on a daily basis, these averages can be used to compare overall prices so you can choose the right company for your needs.

Average Veteran Transport Logistics Pricing

New York City to Miami

2016 Toyota Corolla – 600

2016 Toyota 4-Runner – 700

2016 Ford F-150 – 800

Dallas to Miami

2016 Toyota Corolla – 525

2016 Toyota 4-Runner – 600 

2016 Ford F-150 – 650

Need even lower prices? 

Veteran Transport Logistics offers the following discounts:

  • Active and retired military members
  • Senior citizens
  • Returning customers
  • Students

Veteran Transport Logistics at a Glance

Company Snapshot

MC#: 910825

DOT#: 2609410

Company type: Broker

Bonded?: Yes

Insured? Yes

Years in operation: 5

Why We Recommend Veteran Transport Logistics

They offer multiple levels of service

While many auto shippers offer multiple levels of service, Veteran Transport Logistics tells you right up front what they are and what you can expect. They offer two basic levels of service, their “Flexible” service and their “Express” service.

Flexible seems to be their standard level of service, and it’s what the name suggests. The prices tend to be a bit lower than the average, but the company says they can pickup in no more than 10 business days.

This seems to be a bit long when compared to other transportation companies, but 1-2 weeks is a fairly standard time frame for most transporters, with many of them saying 5-7 business days, or about one week. However, Veteran Transport Logistics allows customers up to two weeks, thus giving them more “flexibility.” This is advertised as their main budget option.

Of course, not everyone wants to be flexible like that, which is why they offer an express level of service at a higher price. They advertise that express shipments get picked up within 24-72 hours of making your vehicle available, which is pretty standard for express transportation services. However, something that sets Veteran Transport Logistics apart is the fact that they advertise faster delivery than most as well. You end up paying a bit more, but the service seems to be worth it.

Great benefits for dealerships and auctions

One thing that stands out about Veteran Transport Logistics is their dedication to both dealership and auctions. They provide discounts for dealerships especially those that move a lot of vehicles. Combine that with the discount that they offer to both active and retired military members, and dealerships with a focus on helping veterans can save a lot of money on their transportation costs.

Veteran Transport Logistics also focuses on auto auctions and provides shipping services to and from all the major ones including Manheim, ADESA, Copart, IAA, and many more. They have an entire department dedicated to just helping people move to and from auto auctions as well, which is something that most auto shippers don’t do. 

Big focus on military moves and military members

This one perhaps isn’t too surprising, as they are a company that is owned by a veteran of the U.S. armed forces. In addition to a fairly substantial discount for current and past military members, they offer group rates for those that know they will be needing transportation services more than once over a certain amount of time.

Veteran Transport Logistics boasts the best military discount among their competition, and they offer services for all types of moves for military members including within the continental U.S. and even to bases overseas in foreign countries or in American-held territories.

If you are a military member and you are in need of auto transportation services at a good rate, it’s hard to beat Veteran Transport Logistics for their dedication to service members, their hefty discount, and their ability to get your vehicle just about anywhere you need it to get to. 

Can you trust Veteran Transport Logistics

We here at ASQ, after doing exhaustive research, believe that Veteran Transport Logistics is a quality transportation company that you can trust, especially if you’re a military member.

With some of the lowest prices in the industry for their “flexible” shipping option, it’s hard to not want to book with them. While we understand that low prices don’t necessarily get vehicles moved in a timely manner, Veteran’s reviews all seem to point to an ability to do so. Couple this with their strong military discounts and you can save quite a bit on your shipment.

Can you trust Veteran Transport Logistics? Yes.


Why SGT Auto Transport?

SGT Auto Transport is a car transport brokerage based in Greenville, South Carolina, that provides nationwide auto transportation services for their customers. In business since 2016, they have helped over 14,000 customers ship their vehicles with great success.

SGT Auto Transport is veteran-owned and boasts 24/7 availability, so no matter when you need to get a quote or have a question answered or just ask about the status of your vehicle, someone will be there to answer your call and help you. They also have a robust website that provides a plethora of information to help you understand how the industry works and what you can expect when you ship with SGT Auto Transport.


How SGT Auto Transport Compares 

Pricing: 3 out of 5 (average)

Age: 4 years

Vehicles shipped last year: approx. 4,000


How Much Does SGT Auto Transport Cost?

Average SGT Auto Transport Pricing

Florida to California – $1025

California to Texas – $625

Texas to Washington – $900


Need even lower prices? 

SGT Auto Transport offers the following discounts:

  • Active military
  • Snowbird shippers
  • Students
  • Senior citizens


SGT Auto Transport at a Glance

Company Snapshot

MC#: 873392 

DOT#: 2521690

Company type: Broker

Bonded?: Yes

Insured? Yes

Years in operation: 4

Services Provided
  • Open and enclosed transportation
  • Military and student discounts
  • Classic and luxury car transportation
  • Overseas shipping to Hawaii
  • Door to door transport
  • Guaranteed pickup service


Why We Recommend SGT Auto Transport

They offer express and guaranteed pickup

While many companies today offer so-called “express” shipping services, SGT utilizes a carrier network of over 200,000 trucks nationwide and internationally to make sure that your vehicle gets picked up within the time frame you select.

Express shipping seems to be a popular option with SGT, according to reviews, and customers rave about how quickly their vehicles get picked up using this option. But they also offer guaranteed pickup services Monday thru Friday that can get your vehicle picked up within 24 hours, making it perfect for those who are pressed for time.


They offer international transportation

International shipping is a bit of a stickler because it can be difficult to get the proper licensing and establish the kind of global transportation network to get it done. SGT works with some of the best international transportation companies to get your vehicle to or from just about anywhere with a port.

While they don’t necessarily handle the portion of the shipment in other countries, they are masters at setting it up and boast about it on their website. It should be noted that most of their business is contained within the U.S., but that’s par for the course for all but the largest international freight forwarders. Regardless of where you’re shipping to, SGT can help you get it done.


They offer great deals for online buyers and dealerships

But perhaps the biggest draw for many people is the fact that SGT has a large presence in the online car buying market. They are one of uShip’s top-rated transportation companies, for instance. uShip is a major player in the online car buying and moving world, and having their recommendation as a top shipper is nothing to scoff at.

They offer discounts for dealerships as well as repeat customers who buy from auctions. They are able to handle vehicles from almost any online auction out there and they are more than capable of handling any kind of vehicle, from luxury cars to parts cars and everything in between. 


Can you trust SGT Auto Transport?

With an aggregate review score of 4.7 out of 5, over 4 years of experience and more than 14,000 vehicles shipped during their time as an active auto shipper, we can safely say that SGT Auto Transport is a trustworthy company and we highly recommend them.

What is the average price to ship a car?

The average price to ship a car is about 75 cents per mile up to 1000 miles, about 50 cents per mile up to 2000 miles, and about 35 cents per mile above 2500 miles.

Ship a Car Across the Country

What is the cheapest way to ship a car?

  • Get multiple auto transport quotes from reputable companies today
  • Plan on a 1 to 5 day pickup window
  • Try to ship from a major city
  • Avoid summer and holiday weeks

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